a soulsborne seasons-themed planner

Guiding Moonlight

"Guiding Moonlight" is a seasons-themed planner inspired by the Soulsborne franchise created by FromSoftware.


Favorite Soulsborne Boss: Ludwig the AccursedHi, I'm Mari. I write sometimes! I am a huge fan & consumer of fan planners, I'm really excited for this project it really combines many of the things I love.


Favorite Soulsborne Boss: Gehrman, the First HunterHeya, I’m Keats! I’m a long-time fan of the souls series (with Bloodborne being my undisputed fave - sorry Elden Ring 😭) and a writer/mod in fandom-land. I actually started my zine modding career by heading a zine called BNHAborne, my love letter to my favorite game of all time + BNHA ✨


Favorite Soulsborne Boss: Vicar AmeliaHi I'm Betney, a digital artist with a masters in games design. I have been in artist in several zines but this is my second time as a mod. I'm excited to welcome the contributors and see what they create!


Favorite Soulsborne Boss: MaleniaThe organisation freak within me thinks this planner will be awesome!


Favorite Soulsborne Boss: The minotaur miniboss from Dark Souls 1!Hi! I am Anori! I have loved the soulsborne games from afar with it's dark fantasy aesthetics, and as a huge fan of planners I am super excited to be part of this zine!

Interest check open02/24/2023
Interest check closes ~ Extended04/14/2023
Contributor applications open04/30/2023
Contributor applications close05/30/2023
App results sent06/03/2023
Deadline for applicants to confirm participation06/10/2023
Pitches due06/16/2023
All pitches approved06/19/2023
First check-in07/16/2023
Second check-in08/13/2023
Final check-in09/10/2023
Preorders open (Tentative)November
Preorders close (Tentative)January
Ship zine (Tentative)March

  • What is a Zine

  • A “zine” is a fan-produced magazine, typically created in small, limited-run batches.

  • Zines are found in a variety of forms including digital pdfs to physical booklets. Often times they are accompanied by fan-made merchandise.

  • Zines are not official merchandise and have no affiliation to the creators of the source material the zine is based on.

  • Our Theme

  • This will be a fan planner featuring the main SoulsBorne titles (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, & Elden Ring) as the passage of seasons.

  • Specifics

  • What will contributors get in return?

  • We plan to give every contributor a full bundle, including any digital merchandise!

  • Will this be physical or digital?

  • This zine is currently planned to be physical with merchandise!

  • How big will the zine be?

  • A5 with 100+ pages, 12 unmarked months

  • Will there be merch?

  • Yes!

  • SFW or NSFW?

  • The zine and merch will be SFW

  • How many contributors?

  • Estimated: 27 page artists, 3 merch artists, and 2 writers (depending on interest)

  • How will you select artists?

  • Overall we’re evaluating artists on style, color, anatomy, technique, & how they fit into the zine theme.

  • Will you be giving application feedback?

  • We will not be able to offer feedback as we don’t want to overwork the mod team.

  • Do creators keep ownership of their work?

  • Yes, of course! We only ask that contributors not post or stream their work until after all sales have ended and the mod team has given to go ahead.

  • Is traditional art okay?

  • Yes! So long as you’re able to provide a high-resolution scan of your artwork.